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Etymology of election and elect, select, collect, neglect

Posted by Johannes on 29 September 2009

Origin of election and elect, select, collect, neglect
The word election (e-lec-tion) is directly derived from the Latin verb eligere (to choose, select, etc) from the root word lego (to gather, to collect, to choose, to pick out etc), which is a transliteration of the Greek verb lego (to collect, to choose, to say etc) and the prefix ex- from the Greek prefix ek- (out of, from).

From the same root.

neglect, collect, sellect, lecture, lecturer, lector, elective, elector, electorate, elective, eligible. elite, elegance

French: elire, electeur, electoral, election, electif, eligible, elite, elegance

Italian: eleggere, elettore, elettorable, elettorato, elettivo, eletta, eleganza

Spanish: elegir, elector, electorado, eleccion, elegible, elegancia

German: Elite, elegant, Eleganz

In modern Greek (Romeika, the language of Romei-Romans)
a) eklego:
elect [εκλέγω]
b) syllego:
collect [συλλέγω]
c) epilego: select [επιλέγω]
d) ekloges:
elections [εκλογές]
e) elit:
elite [ελίτ]
f) eklectos:
the elect, the elite [εκλεκτος]
g) ekleximos: eligible [εκλέξιμος]
h) eklektoras: elector [εκλέκτορας]
i) lectoras: lecturer [λέκτορας]
and many others
Η λέξη election (εκλογή) προέρχεται από το λατινικό eligere (επιλέγω, συλλέγω) που προέρχεται από το ελληνικό εκλέγω.

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