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Etymology of topic

Posted by Johannes on 6 March 2009

Etymology of topic

Topic derives from the Latin topica, which is a tranliteration of the Greek topica (of a place, local, the name of a work by Aristotle; τοπικά) from topos (place, subject for conversation; τόπος)
From the same root:
topical, utopia, topography
In modern Greek
a) topicos: local, regional [τοπικός]
b) topos: place, country, position, locus [τόπος]
c) topio: landscape, seascape, scenery [τοπίο]
d) topografos: topographer [τοπογράφος]
e) topografia: topography [τοπογραφία]
f) topotheto: to place, to post, to position [topo (place) + theto (put)] [τοποθετώ]
g) utopia: utopia [ουτοπία]
Η λέξη topic (θέμα συζήτησης) προέρχεται από το Λατινικό topica, απότο ελληνικό topica (τοπικά) από το τόπος.
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