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Etymology of cane

Posted by Johannes on 27 December 2010

Origin of cane

Cane comes from the the old French cane (reed, cane, spear) from the Latin canna (reed, cane), which is a transliteration of the Greek canna (cane, reed; Gr: κάννα).

From the same root:

cannon, cannelloni, can


In modern Greek (Romeika):

a) cannoni: cannon [Gr: καννόνι]

a) canni: gun barrel [Gr: κάννη]

c) cannelonia: cannelloni [Gr: καννελόνια]

d) cannula: tap, faucet [Gr: κάννουλα]

e) cannela: cinnamon [Gr: καννέλα]

f) cannata: jug, ewer [Gr: καννάτα]


Other Greek words from the same root: κάννιστρο (basket, canister), καννιά (legs), κανίσκι (basket).

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Etymology of caramel

Posted by Johannes on 20 December 2010

Etymology of caramel

The word caramel comes from the Latin cannamellis from canna (cane) + mel/mellis(honey). Both words are merely transliteration of the Greek words canna [cane; Gr: κάννα] and mel [honey; Gr: μέλι]

In modern Greek (Romeika):
a) caramela: caramel [Gr: καραμέλα; loanword]
b) meli: honey [Gr: μέλι]
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Etymology of the word pizza.

Posted by Johannes on 11 December 2010

Origin of the word pizza.
The word pizza comes from the Italian pizza, which derives from the Greek word pitta (cake, pie) from pissa [pitch; Attic: pitta] from peptos (cooked).

In modern Greek (Romeika):

a) pitsa : pizza [Gr: πίτσα]

b) pitta: pie [Gr: πίττα]

c) pitsaria: pizzeria [Gr: πιτσαρία]

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Etymology of fidelity, faith, confidence, fiance.

Posted by Johannes on 5 December 2010

Origin of fidelity, faith, confidence, fiance.
Fidelity comes form the French fidelite from the Latin fidelis (faithful), from fides (faith, loyalty), from the verb fido (to trust), which derives from the Greek verb pitho (to persuade, to trust; Gr: πείθ-ω/πείθ-ομαι).

From the same root:
English: fiducial, faith, confidense, fiance, fiancee.
French: fidele, fiducie, fidelite, fier, fiancer, confiance, defier
Italian: fido, fidducia, fidarsi, diffidare, fidanzare, condidenza
Spanish: fiel, Fidel, fidelidad, fiar, fe, fianza, confianza

In modern Greek (Romeika):
a) pitho: to persuade [pith-o; Gr: πείθω]
b) pisti: faith [pist-i; Gr: πίστη]
c) empistevome: to trust [en-pist-evome; Gr: εμπιστεύομαι]

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