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Etymology of daughter

Posted by Johannes on 8 August 2009

Origin of daughter

The word daughter comes from the old German dhukter, which derives from the Greek thygater (daughter; θυγάτηρ) by chanching theta (Θ) into D.

In German: Tochter

In Swedish: dotter


In modern Greek (Romeika – the language of Romei-Romans)
a) thygatera: daughter [θυγατέρα]


Η λέξη daughter (θυγατέρα, κόρη) προέρχεται από το παλαιό Γερμανικό dhukter, το οποίο με τη σειρά του προέρχεται από το ελληνικό θυγάτηρ.




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One Response to “Etymology of daughter”

  1. Amin said

    daughter word from Turkish word “Dogh” or “Doğ” writing Istanbul Turkish and in English is meaning “Born”
    Daughter =>daught+er . such as Teacher teach+er ,
    Daughter is meaning or equivalent “Creator” Creat+or.
    and Pronounce of daught with dogh or Doğ

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