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Etymology of mill

Posted by Johannes on 28 March 2010

Origin of mill
The word mill comes from the Latin mola (mill, millstone), which is a transliteration of the Greek myle (mill, millstone; μύλη).

From the same root
millstone, miller
French: meule, molette, meunier
Italian: mola, mugnaio
Spanish: muela, moleta, molinero
German: Muhlstein, Muller

In Romeika (modern Greek, the language of Romei/Romans/Ρωμηοί)
a) milos:
mill [μύλος]
b) milopetra:
millstone [milo (mill)+ petra (stone); μυλόπετρα]
c) milonas: miller [μυλωνάς]

Η λέξη mill (μύλος) προέρχεται από το Λατινικό mola (μύλος), το οποίο αποτελεί μεταγραφή του Ελληνικού μύλη.
meule (μύλος), molette (τροχίσκος), meunier (μυλωνάς)

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