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Etymology of mandolin

Posted by Johannes on 30 August 2011

Mandolin comes from the French mandoline, from the Italian mandolino, diminutive of mandola, a larger kind of mandolin, altered from the Latin pandura (a three-stringed lute), which is transliteration of the Greek pandura.

See also post 186 (etymology of banjo).

In modern Greek:

a) mandolino: mandolin [Gr: μαντολίνο; loanword]


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Etymology of almond

Posted by Johannes on 17 November 2008

Etymology of almond.
Almond comes from the old french almande, from the Vulgar Latin amendla, from Latin amygdala, from the Greek αμύγδαλα-amygdala (almonds).
In modern Greek
a) Αμύγδαλα: almonds [amygdala]
Η λέξη almond προέρχεται από το γαλλικό almande, από το κοινό λατινικό amendla, από την Λατινική amygdala, από το ελληνικό αμύγδαλα.
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