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Etymology of pants, pantaloons

Posted by Johannes on 24 May 2010

Origin of pants, pantaloons
Pants is a shortened form of pantaloons. Pantaloons (kind of tights, trousers) derives from the French pantalon from the name of Pantaleone a hero of comedia dell’arte (16th century), who used to wear such trousers. The name Pantaleon is Greek and means “always a lion, in all things like a lion” [Panta- (always, all things) + –leon (lion)].
Saint Pantaleon (the name later changed to Panteleimon – always mercyful, all-mercuful-) was martyred under the reign of Emperor Maximian (ca. 305 A.D.). He was a physician, and he dedicated his life to the suffering, the sick, the unfortunate and the needy. He treated all those who turned to him without charge, healing them in the name of Jesus Christ. More: here.


Saint Panteleimon


From the same root:

French: pantalon

Italian: pantalone

Spanish: pantalon

Turkish: pantolon



In modern Greek (Romeika, the language of Romei/Romans/Ρωμηοί)

a) pantaloni: pantaloon (loan word from It. pantalone) [πανταλόνι]


b) panta: all, always [πάντα]. See the same pan- (all) in many words such as: pandemic, pandemonium, panacea, panegyric, panoply, panorama, pantheon, pantomime etc.


c) eleimon: mercyful [ελεήμων]


d) eleos: mercy [έλεος]




Η λέξη pant αποτελεί συντόμευση του pantaloon (πανταλόνι). Προέρχεται από το Γαλλικό pantalon από το όνομα Πανταλέων (Pantaleone) ενός χαρακτήρα της comedia dell’arte (16ος αιώνας), ο οποίος στα έργα φορούσε τέτοια πανταλόνια.


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