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Etymology of month, moon, menses, meniscus

Posted by Johannes on 1 February 2010

Origin of month, moon, menses, meniscus.
The words moon and month come from the the latin mensis (month), which is related to the Greek Aeolic form meis/mens (μείς/μηνς) of men/mene (μήν/μήνη; month, moon).

From the same root:

English: moon, moon- (-beam, -light, …, – strike), moony, month, menses, menstrual, menstruation, menstruate, menstruous, menopause, meniscus (deminutive of mene: small moon during the first quarter).

French: mois, mensuel

Italian: mese, mensile

Spanish: mes, mensual,

German: Monat, monatlich

In modern Greek:
a) menas: month [μήνας]

b) emmena: menses, period [έμμηνα]

c) emmenopause: menopause [εμμηνόπαυση]

d) emmenorrhoea: menstruation [εμμηνόρροια]

Οι λέξεις moon (σελήνη) και month (μήνας) προέρχονται από το λατινικό mensis (μήνας), το οποίο σχετίζεται με το Ελληνικό μήν/μήνη (μήνας, σελήνη).


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