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Etymology of corpus, corps, shear

Posted by Johannes on 28 October 2009

Origin of corpus, corps, shear
The Latin word corpus derives from the Greek Aeolic form corpos of the word cormos (trunk of a tree), which comes from the verb ceiro (to cut, to clip, to shear; κείρω). The trunk of a tree was called cormos, since the leafs, the branches and the boughs of a tree were cut off from the main body of the tree.

From the same root
corps, corporal, corporation, incorporate, corset, corporality, corporeal, corporealize, corporeity, corpse, corpulence, corpuscle, shear
French: corps, corporel, corporation, corsage, echarper
corpo, corporale, corporatione, corsetto
Korper, Korporal, Korps, Korporation, scheren
cuerpo, corporal, corporacion, corse.

In modern Greek (Romeika, the language of Romei – Romans/Ρωμηοί)
a) ceiro: cut somebody’s hair, barber, shear [κείρω]
b) cormos:
trunk of a tree, torso [κορμός]
c) curevo:
cut somebody’s hair, barber [κουρεύω]
d) curio:
barbershop [κουρείο]
e) cerma: coin [κέρμα]

NOTE1: Some etymologize corpus from the Greek word chroos (gen. of chros: body, skin; χρώς). Words from this root in modern Greek: χροιά, χρώμα, χρωστήρας, χρωτίζω, χρωματίζω.

NOTE2: Some etymologize the word shore from the verb shear as the shore devides the land from the sea.


Η λέξη corpus (σώμα, συλλογή) προέρχεται από τη λέξη κορμός από το ρήμα κείρω (αποκόπτω, κουρεύω). Από την ίδια ρίζα και το ρήμα shear (κόπτω, κουρεύω).

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