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Etymology of domus, domestic, domain.

Posted by Johannes on 12 April 2009

Etymology of domus, domestic, domain.
(house) is related to the Greek word domos (house, building; δόμος) from the verb demo (to built, to construct; δέμω).


From the same root

English: domestic, dome, domination, dominion, don, dona, domicile, domain, dominus, predominance, danger etc.

French: dome, domicile, domicilier, don, domaine, domestique, domestiquer, domesticite, dominer, domination, dominance, Dimanche, Dame, dominion, domino, dangereux, etc.

Italian: duomo, domicilo, don, dominio, domestico, domesticare, dominare, dominazione, dominatore, predominio, Domenica, damo, damigiana etc

German: Dom, Domizil, Domane, dominieren, Dame etc

Hispanic: domicilio, domiciliar, don, dona, dominio, dueno, domestico, domesticar, domesticidad, dominar, dominacion, dominator, predominio, Domingo, doncella, damajuana etc.


In modern Greek
a) domi: structure [δομή]
b) ecodomi:
construction, building [οικοδομή]
c) ecodomima:
building, structure [οικοδόμημα]
d) ecodomos:
builder [οικοδόμος]
e) ecodomo:
to build, to construct [οικοδομώ]


Το Λατινικό domus (οικία) σχετίζεται με το Ελληνικό δόμος από το ρήμα δέμω (κτίζω, οικοδομώ).

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Posted by Johannes on 1 November 2008

Etymology of tone

Tone derives from the Latin tonus, from the Greek τόνος (tonos; tone) from the verb τείνω (teino; to stretch)


In modern Greek
a) τόνος: tone [tonos]
b) τείνω: stretch [teino]
Η λέξη tone (τόνος) προέρχεται από το Λατινικό tonus, από το ελληνικό τόνος από το ρήμα τείνω.
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