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Etymology of cinema

Posted by Johannes on 3 April 2011

Origin of the word cinema .

The word cinema comes from the French cinéma, shortened from cinématographe, coined 1890s by Lumiere brothers, who invented it, from the Greek cinema (movement; better pronounced as kinima; Gr: κίνημα), from the verb cino (to move; better pronounced as kino; Gr: κινώ).
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From the same root
English: cinematography, cinerama, cinemascope, kinetics, kinematics, kineto
French: cinema, cinematographe,
Italian: cinematografo,
Spanish: cine, cinematica,
German: Kino, Kinematograph
 In modern Greek:
a) cinema: cinema [Gr: σινεμά
b) kinima: movement [Gr: κίνημα]
c) cinimatographos (better pronounced as kinimatographos): cinema [Gr: κινηματογράφος]
d) kino: to move [Gr:κινώ]

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