English Words of (Unexpected) Greek Origin.

Learn easily Greek using the roots of the English words.

Etymology of sophistication, sophisticated

Posted by Johannes on 24 June 2012

The word sophistication (use or employment of sophistry) comes from the Latin sophisticare (adulterate, cheat quibble) from the Latin sophisticus (of sophists), a transliteration of the Greek sophistikos (of or pertaining to a sophist), from the Greek sophistis (a wise man, master, teacher).

From the same root: sophist, sophisticate, sophisticated, sophism, sophistic, sophistry, sophomore

In modern Greek (Romeika, Rumca):

a) sophistis: sophist [Gr: σοφιστής]
b) sophisma: sophism, fallacy [Gr: σόφισμα]
c) sophistia: sophistry [Gr: σοφιστεία ]

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