English Words of (Unexpected) Greek Origin.

Learn easily Greek using the roots of the English words.

Etymology of donation

Posted by Johannes on 3 December 2011

The word donation comes from the Old French donacion from the Latin donationem (nom. donatio) from donum/dorum (gift), which derives from the Greek doron [gift; Gr: δώρον].

From the same root: donate, donator, donatory

In modern Greek (Romeika, Rumca):
a) doro: gift [Gr: δώρο]
b) dorizo: donate, to make a gift [Gr: δωρίζω]
c) doritis: giver, donator [Gr: δωρητής]
d) dorea: donation, gift [Gr: δωρεά]
e) dorean: gratis, free (of charge) [Gr: δωρεάν]
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