English Words of (Unexpected) Greek Origin.

Learn easily Greek using the roots of the English words.

Etymology pf physic, physician, physics, physical, physi-

Posted by Johannes on 25 September 2011

The word physic (art of healing, medical science, natural science), comes from the Latin physica (study of nature), from the Greek physike [Gr: φυσική] (knowledge of nature), from physis (nature) [Gr: φύση],” from the verb phyo (to bring forth, produce) [Gr: φύω].
In modern Greek (Romeika).
a) physi: nature [Gr: φύση]
b) physici: physics [Gr: φυσική]
c) physicos: natural, normal, unaffected [Gr: φυσικός]
d) physiologia: physiology [Gr: φυσιολογία]
e) and many other words that can easily be understood containing the root physi- like: physiotherapeftis (physiotherapist), physicomathematicos, physiognomia, physiognomistis, physiocraticos etc.

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