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Etymology of cheap

Posted by Johannes on 29 January 2011

Origin of the word cheap
The word cheap comes from the old English ceap (n.; traffic, bargain, a purchase) from the Germanic ceapian (v.; trade) from the Latin caupo (gen. cauponis; petty tradesman, huckster), which derives from the Greek cape (stall for provisions, a small piece; Gr.: κάπη) and capilos (synonym to caupo; vintner, huckster, petty tradesman; Gr: κάπηλος]



In modern Greek (Romeika):
a) capilos: huckster, monger [Gr: κάπηλος]
b) capilio: wineshop, pothouse [Gr: καπηλειό]
c) capilia: exploitation, trading (on sth) [Gr: καπηλεία]


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