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Etymology of trophy, trope

Posted by Johannes on 1 March 2010

Origin of trophy, trope
The word trophy (a prize of war) comes from the Latin trophæum (a sign of victory), originally tropæum, which is a transliteration of the Greek tropaion (monument of an enemy’s defeat) from neut. of adj. tropaios (of defeat) from trope (a rout) originally “a turning” (of the enemy).

In modern Greek:

 a) tropeo: trophy [τρόπαιο]

b) trope: change, turn [τροπή]

From the same root:
English: trope
French: trophee, trope, tropologie
Italian: trofeo, tropo, tropologia
Spanish: trofeo, tropo, tropologia
German: Trophae, Trope
Η λέξη trophy (τρόπαιο) προέρχεται από το Λατινικό trophæum (αρχικά tropæum), το οποίο αποτελεί μεταγραφή του Ελληνικού τρόπαιον.

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