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Etymology of plagiarism

Posted by Johannes on 25 October 2009

Origin of plagiarism
Plagiarism is the use of the work (usually the language and thoughts) of another author without mentioning the original source. The word comes from the Latin plagiarius (kidnapper, literary thief) from plagium (kidnapping), which derives from the Greek plagios (one who acts indirectly, oblique, devious; πλάγιος).

From the same root.
plagiarist, plagiary, plagiarize

In modern Greek (Romeika)
a) plagios: one who acts indirectly, oblique, devious, indirect [πλάγιος]

Η λέξη plagiarism (λογοκλοπή, κλοπή πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας) προέρχεται από το Λατινικό plagiarius (απαγωγέας, λογοκλόπος) από το plagium, το οποίο προέρχεται από το ελληνικό πλάγιος.

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