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Etymology of gusto

Posted by Johannes on 29 September 2009

Origin of gusto.
The word gusto (enthousiastic enjoyment, pleasure, high spirits, cheerfulness) comes from the latin gustus (taste) from the verb gusto (to taste), which derives from the Greek verb geuso (to taste; γεύσω).

From the same root:
English: gustation, gustative, choose
French: gout (old French: goust), gouter, degouter, degustateur, ragout, choisir, choix
gusto, gustare, digustarsi, gustatore
Spanish: gusto, gustar, disgustarse, degustador, regosto, escoger
Kost, kosten, kiesen (via the old Germ. Kausjan)
Dutch: kust

In modern Greek (Romeika, the language of Romei-Romans).
a) geusi / or better gefsi: taste [γεύση]
b) geuso / gefso: to taste [γεύσω]
c) geusticos / gefsticos: tasty [γευστικός]
d) geuma / gevma: meal, dinner, lunch [γεύμα]
e) geumatizo / gevmatizo: lunch, dine, have lunch [γευματίζω]
f) gusto: gusto (loan from Italian) [γούστο]
e) gustaro: like, care for (loan from Italian) [γουστάρω]

Η λέξη gusto (απόλαυση, τέρψη, ευχαρίστηση, κέφι) προέρχεται από το λατινικό gustus (γεύση) από το ρήμα gusto (γεύσω), που με τη σειρά του προέρχεται από το ελληνικό ρήμα γεύσω/ γεύσομαι.

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