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Etymology of Andrew

Posted by Johannes on 29 September 2009

Origin of Andrew.
The male proper name Andrew derives from the Greek name Andreas (Ανδρέας), which comes from the noun aner (“man”; gen. andros: “of a man”; ανήρ).

Other forms of the name:
Andria, Andriana, Andries, Andrija, Andrina, Andris, Andrius, Andriy, Andro, Andraz, Andre, Andrea, Andreas, Andree, Andreea, Andrei, Andreia, Andreina, Andrej, Andreja, Andrejs, Andres, Andreu, Andrey, Andy.

In modern Greek (Romeika; the language of Romei-Romans).
a) Andreas: Andrew [Ανδρέας]
b) andras: man [άνδρας]
c) androgona:
androgens [ανδρογόνα]
d) androgyno:
androgynous, man and wife [ανδρόγυνο]
e) andrios:
brave, gallant [ανδρείος].

Το όνομα Andrew προέρχεται από το Ελληνικό όνομα Ανδρέας.

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