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The Latin alphabet is the Greek Chalcidian alphabet with minor changes

Posted by Johannes on 18 September 2009

The Latin alphabet is the Greek Chalcidian alphabet with minor changes

The Chalcidian/Cumae alphabet was the western variant of the Greek alphabet, used between the 8th to 5th centuries BC. It was specifically used in the island of Euboea (including the towns of Kymi and Chalcis) and the areas west of Athens and in the Greek colonies of southern Italic peninsula. It was this variant that gave rise to the Latin alphabet.




1. Attica, Athens


2. Euboea island, Chalcidian alphabet


3. Boeotia
4. Thessaly


5. Phocis

Το λατινικό αλφάβητο ουσιαστικά είναι το Ελληνικό αλφάβητο της πόλης της Χαλκίδος, το οποίο μεταφέρθηκε στη Ιταλική χερσόνησο, μέσω των αποικιών της πόλης.


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