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Etymology of tree

Posted by Johannes on 23 July 2009

Etymology of tree
The word tree derives from the the Greek word drys-drees (oak; δρυς) by chanching D into T. During ancient times oak was the wood that was usually used.

From the same root:
Druid, duration, endure, durable

In modern Greek (Romeika).
a) drees: oak, quercus [δρυς]
b) dreenos: adj oak, oaken [δρύινος]
c) dendro: tree [δένδρο]
d) dore: pike, spear [δόρυ]
e) dreemos: forest [δρυμός]
f) Dreedes: Druid [Δρυίδης]

Η λέξη tree προέρχεται από τή λέξη δρυς. Η δρυς ήταν το ξύλο εκείνο το οποίο χρησιμοποιούνταν κατά κύριο λόγο στην αρχαιότητα.

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2 Responses to “Etymology of tree”

  1. Petr Jandacek said

    Better etymology from Slavic

    The Romans in their Latin alphabet had no “U” so that they would write (the tree worshiping folks) DrUid(s) as: DrVid(s).   It is compelling that the word is a derivation of the Slavic word for WOOD or TREE ==  DRVO or DRĚVO.  Also consider that south-east of the POLES (Polyanye) (Field Dwellers) lived the DREVlyanye (Forest Dwellers).  Thus the DRUIDS-DRVIDS-DRVOids are “The WOODIES” in Slavic.

    • Dead Tito said

      ulcus, Ulysses,umbrella, ultimus, uncus, uncia, unio,universus, etc. Before you ridicule yourself check a Latin dictionary.
      drvo or drevo is the same like Derek , derek(in turkish) and so many other variations of ΔΡΥΣ.

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