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Etymology of Throne

Posted by Johannes on 1 February 2009

Etymology of throne
Throne derives from the Latin thronus, which is a transliteration of the Greek thronos (throne, chair, elevated seat; θρόνος) from the attic thranos (elevated seat, chair, lit. the seats of the upper line of oarsmen in the ancient ships called triremes. The oars in that line were bigger and longer and the duty of these oarsmen was more heavy; θράνος)
From the same root:
In modern Greek
a) thronos: thone [θρόνος]
b) enthronizo: enthrone [ενθρονίζω]
c) thranio: desk, form [θρανίο]
Η λέξη Throne προέρχεται από Λατινικό thronus, το οποίο αποτελεί μεταγραφή του Ελληνικού θρόνος από το Αττικό θράνος (κάθισμα, εδρα, κυριολεκτικώς η άνω σειρά των κωπών τριήρους)



thranos (θράνος) –> thronos (θρόνος) –> thronus –> throne
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