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Etymology of lean

Posted by Johannes on 1 February 2009

Etymology of lean

The verb lean derives from the inf. klinein (κλίνειν) of the Greek verb klino (to slope, incline, bend; κλίνω). The verb klino was transliterated as clino in Latin.
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From the same root
enclitic, recline, decline etc (clinare, reclinare, declinare, inclinare etc. )

In modern Greek
a) clino: to slope, incline, bend [κλίνω]
b) encliticos: enclitic [εγκλιτικός]

Το ρήμα lean (κλίνω, γέρνω, στηρίζομαι, ακουμπώ) προέρχεται από το ρήμα κλίνω (απαρ. κλίνειν).

Post 72.


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