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Posted by Johannes on 5 August 2008

The word SINCERE is a derivative of the Latin sincerus.
For the derivation of sincerus there are two theories, both based on words of Greek origin:
A) the most probable theory is that sincerus came from the Greek synonym akeratos (without taint) with the use of the latin “sine-” (without), instead of the initial “a-” (without in Greek). Thus A-ker-atus became sine-cer-us leading to sincerus.
B) the Greek word for wax is keros. In Latin it became cera (wax). The Roman Senate once passed a law stating that all marble purchased by the government must be “sine cera” (without wax). From this law and this root, comes the sincere, which means “without deceit”.
From the same roots: sincerity, sincereness, sincerely, ceraceous

Η λέξη SINCERE (ειλικρινής, τίμιος, γνήσιος, ανυπόκριτος) προέρχεται από τη Λατινική sincerus η οποία προέρχεται με τη σειρά της από το ελληνικό συνώνυμο ακήρατος (αµιγής, αµόλυντος, καθαρός) με την αντικατάσταση του αρχικού στερητικού α- από το λατινικό αντίστοιχο sine-.
Έτσι το A-ker-atus έγινε sine-cer-us που έδωσε τελικά το sincerus.

A-ker-atos -> sine-cer-us -> sincerus -> sincere

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