English Words of (Unexpected) Greek Origin.

Learn easily Greek using the roots of the English words.


Posted by Johannes on 5 August 2008

Etymology of punish and punishment

The verb punish came into English from the old French puniss-, extended prp. stem of punir (to punish) from the Latine punire, from poenire from poena, which is a transliteration of the Greek ποινή (poene; punishment, penalty).

From the same root: punishment, punishable, punitive, punitory

In modern Greek: ποινή: punishment, sentence, penalty


Το ρήμα punish (τιμωρώ) προέρχεται από το λατινικό punish, από το ουσιαστικό poena που αποτελεί μεταγραφή του ελληνικού ποινή.


ποινή (poene) -> poena -> poenire -> punire -> punir -> puniss- -> punish



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