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Posted by Johannes on 5 August 2008

Etymology of moron amd idiot


The word MORON (foolish, stupid, idiot) derives from the Latin morus, which is a transliteration of the Greek μωρός (moros; fοοlish, stupid).


The word IDIOT (stupid, foolish, dull, moron, mentally dificient person) derives from the Latin idiota, which is a transliteration of the Greek idiotis (person lacking professional skill, lit. private person used for ignorant person) from idios (one’s own).


From the same roots: idiom, idiomorphic, idiopathy, idiosyncrasy etc.


In modern Greek
α) μωρός: stupid, foolish [moros]
β) μωρία: folly, stupidity [moria]
γ) μωρό: baby [moro]
δ) μωρολογία: nonsense, idle talk [morologia]
ε) μωραίνω: stupefy, drive mad [moreno]
στ) ιδίωμα: idiom [idioma]
ζ) ιδιωτεύω: retire into private life [idiotevo]
η) ιδιώτης: private individual, civilian [idiotis]
θ) ιδιωτικός: private, personal [idiotikos]
ι) ιδιόχρηστος: used by the owner himself [idohristos]


Η λέξη MORON (μωρός, ηλίθιος, πνευματικά ελλειπής ) προέρχεται από το λατινικό morus, το οποίο αποτελεί μεταγραφή του ελληνικού μωρός.

The word IDIOT (μωρός, ηλίθιος, ) προέρχεται από το λατινικό idiota, το οποίο αποτελεί μεταγραφή του ελληνικού ιδιώτης, από το ίδιος.


μωρός (moros) -> morus -> moron
ίδιος (idios) -> ιδιώτης (idiotis) -> idiota -> idiot


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One Response to “MORON and IDIOT”

  1. Word idiot is derived from Greek ιδιο – one’s own, self, which is opposite to πολι = poly, many. It follows that ιδιοτοκοσ – one who lives in the country for his own interest is opposite to πολιτικοσ – one who lives in the city for common interest. This is what Karl Marx meant by coining phrase ‘Idiocy of country life’ in accordance to prescriptions for good life given by Aristotle.

    It was my pastime in Greece to ask people to render in Greek English word ‘private’. The common answer was predictably – ‘ιδιοτοκοσ’. My next question was ‘Does it means that prevailing economic system of our time should be called ‘the system of idioticos enterprise’? Hearty laughter was in 50% of responses. Another 50% of respondents gave me wild look while ancient and contemporary meaning of the word had settled in their minds and then laughed even more enthusiastically.

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